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Math Activities for Home

 Play card, dice and board games that use guessing and checking (Mastermind). 

 Look at junk mail – which is the best value? Ask your child what they would buy if they had $10/$100/$1,000 to spend.

Do jigsaw puzzles.

 Cook or bake – use measuring cups, spoons (½ and ¼ teaspoon) and scales.

  Collect boxes – undo and see if you can make them up again or make it into something else.

Create a repeating pattern to fill up a page or decorate a card.

  Play mathematics “I Spy” – something that is ½ a km away, something that has 5 parts hide something from each other and draw a map or hide several clues – can you follow the map or the clues and find it?

  Make water balloons and see how far you could throw them (outside!!) and how far the water splatters.