Principal’s Message

It is hard to imagine that we are in the final month of our school year, and our very last month as a St. Francis School Community. Time certainly has a way of passing quickly. A lot of learning and growing have taken place over our last ten months together. We have so much to be thankful for at St. Francis Catholic School…our staff, students, parents/guardians, volunteers, bus drivers, co-op students, parish team. We have been blessed by the sharing of so many special gifts of many talented people that exemplify “People of Faith.”

Thank you to our parents/guardians who attended our “Family Math Night” during Catholic Education Week. The feedback was positive regarding the opportunity to participate in hands on learning opportunities.

Our Grade 3 and Grade 6 students will finish writing the EQAO assessment the first week of June. Please take a moment to visit the EQAO website,, under Parent Resources, as well as sample Math questions to see what our students are working on and have been preparing for in class. Even if your child is not in Grade 3 or Grade 6, the EQAO website provides valuable information for parents/guardians.

To all of our parent/guardian volunteers who so generously gave of their time to our school community, a heartfelt thanks. You made a positive difference in the lives of our students, our learning community. Your assistance whether it was in the classroom, on excursions, or to help with sports and special events, your positive contributions were appreciated. Thank you for all that you willingly did.

We extend a warm welcome to parents/guardians and friends to join us in our very last Eucharistic Celebration on Friday, June 22nd at 1:00 p.m., which will be held at St. Ambrose Parish. If it happens to rain on this day then our Closing Mass will be held in our school gym.

Sincere congratulations are extended to our Grade 8 Graduates, and best wishes as they continue their journey into High School, and grow to exemplify the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations. Our Graduates and their families will celebrate a Graduation Liturgy of the Word with Father Irek at St. Ambrose Parish on Wednesday, June 27th, at 2:00 p.m. The presentation of diplomas and awards will take place at the school at 7:00 p.m. in our gymnasium.

The last day of school for our St. Francis students and staff is on Friday, June 29th, and our dismissal time is at 3:15 p.m. on this day. Classes will resume on Tuesday, September 4th at 9:00 a.m., at St. Vincent de Paul School on Faial Road. The School Hours for St. Vincent de Paul School are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

May you enjoy a peace filled, relaxing summer. It has been a sincere pleasure to work with you and your children during my seven years at St. Francis. Continue to let your light shine, Lions, at St. Vincent de Paul School.

Report Cards

June report cards will be distributed on Tuesday, June 26th. Kindly return the tear off page of the report card on/before Thursday, June 28th. Your prompt attention would be greatly appreciated, as this page is required to be placed in the OSR. Students who are not at school to receive report cards, theirs will be mailed to the home.


If your family is expecting to move prior to September, we ask that you kindly notify the St. Vincent de Paul School office as soon as possible. Families moving in and out of our community over the next few months can influence class organization. This information will be especially helpful in planning for the next school year.


Transportation details for the 2018 -2019 school year will be available on Monday, August 20th. Parents/guardians can login and view their child’s transportation details by going to and following these steps:

  • Click on “Student Login”
  • Enter your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN).This can be found on your child’s report card. Numbers only, no space, no dash
  • Enter your child’s birth date: dd/mm/yyyy
  • Enter your child’s street number; house number only
  • Select the school your child is attending from the drop-down menu

Address changes are to be done through the school. If you are moving or change caregiver arrangements for the Fall, please inform the school office before the end of June. You can also visit to see bus delays and cancellations, subscribe to receive e-mail notifications for late buses and closures, and follow on Twitter.

Catholic School Council

Thank you to our School Council for their support throughout the year. Thank you to Mrs. Aguiar, Mr. Fonseca, Mrs. Veber and Mrs. Woodman for being members of our School Council. Their attendance and support at our meetings were appreciated. The following are the contributions that council made to our St. Francis School community this year:

  • $253.72, Student Agendas
  • $­­­­­­­­­­502.10, Forest of Reading Library Resources
  • $1228.46, School Closure

Lost and Found Items

When in the school, please take a moment to visit our “Lost and Found” as we continue to have many items that have not yet been claimed.

Library News

All library books are due back to the school library. It is necessary to have all the books returned to the library, to conduct a library inventory and pack up for St. Vincent de Paul School. Books which are not returned will be considered missing and a bill will be sent home, payable to St. Francis School. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Ms. Lawrence. Your help in the collection of the library books is greatly appreciated.


When parents/guardians give permission for their child to ride his/her bike to school, please review traffic safety rules with your child. Students are expected to walk their bikes while on school property and park them in the provided bike racks at the back of the school. Students are highly encouraged to lock their bikes with a combination lock. The school assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen bikes. School staff are not able to supervise bicycles that students ride to school.


Test booklets and examples of student answers from the past five years are available at There is also a parent resource section for your perusal on the EQAO website.

An Example of a Grade 3 EQAO Question

Noah practices soccer for a total of 2 hours each week.

Which of the following shows the number of minutes Noah practices soccer each week?

  1. 12 + 12
  2. 24 + 24
  3. 60 + 60
  4. 100 + 100

An Example of a Grade 6 EQAO Question

Connor has a bag of coloured tiles. There are 1 green, 3 black, 5 blue and 6 red tiles.

He reaches into the bag and chooses 1 tile without looking.

What is the probability that the tile is not red? Justify your answer.

Math Bits ~ Summer Math Activities

While at home, in the vehicle or out and about, ask your child what he/she wonders about that is specific to that experience. Model curiosity and involve him/her in math wonderings. For example, while cooking at home you may model a “wonder” by saying, “I wonder how long it will take us to prepare this meal.” Explore possible answers together and ask your child about his/her “wonders” that involve math. Go deeper with the conversation by asking questions throughout the exploration. Questions like, “What do you mean by that?” or “How did you come to that conclusion?” or “What if…?” will prompt further explanations of his/her thinking.

Photographs and Digital Memories

Parents/guardians are asked to be mindful when taking photos and/or videos of their children during school related events (i.e. assemblies, sports). As we are part of the digital age, we ask that photos and/or video clips not be posted on the internet (You Tube, Instagram) out of respect and privacy of other families within our school community.


Electronics are not to be brought to school (mp3 players, gaming systems, etc.) other than for instructional use in the classroom under the direction of staff. Cellular phones are not permitted to be used at school during any school time, including recesses. If students require cellular phones specifically for safety reasons, to and from school, the students must be sure that the cellular phones are placed in a safe location and turned off.

There are opportunities for students to bring personal devices such as laptops, Ipods and tablets to class for instructional purposes (i.e. research) under the direction of staff who have assigned the work. These devices are for classroom use only. Students are required to complete the form, “Student Acceptable Use of Outside Technology Equipment/Student Personal Electronic Device Consent Form”. The school is not responsible for lost or damaged personal devices.

Electronics that are found at school that are not being used for instructional purposes will be removed from the student, and forwarded to the office. The items will be returned to the student after a parent/guardian has been notified. A parent/guardian will be asked to come to the office to pick up the items, as these items will not be returned directly to the student. Please refer to the beginning pages of the school agenda that was sent home on the first day of school.

Safe Schools Team ~ Behaviour at Recess and in the Classroom

When a Green Slip is given, this information is communicated to the parent/guardian via a label in the agenda. Thank you to parents/guardians for their support this year when we had meetings and/or discussions around behavior and addressed next steps and interventions. Your support was appreciated.


Green Slip


Common Consequence
#1 Walk with Staff at AM Recess
#2 Walk with Staff at PM Recess; Office Detention
#3 Parent Meeting with Classroom Teacher, Principal, Student

Behaviour Supportive Interventions: loss of privileges, detention, BSP, suspension, student services, outside agencies (nature of misconduct, seriousness, frequency will determine consequence)

Safe Schools Team ~ Virtue of the Month

For June, the focus of the month is “Trustworthiness.” When students display this quality, they tell the truth, they do the right thing even when no one is watching, they are a loyal friend and are always there for others when they are needed. These are the look fors/expectations the staff will be looking for when recognizing the student of the month for June, our final month together.

Our Catholic schools…heart of the community, success for each, a place for all. The call of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board is to educate and to nurturehope in every learner to achieve their full potential to transform God’s world.