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How can you support your learner?

Build a Positive Attitude Around Math

  • Build strong, positive attitudes about math. When children feel positively engaged and successful, they are more likely to stick with a problem to find a solution
  • Be an Active Listener
  • Make yourself available; provide opportunities to talk
  • Ask questions; find out what is happening in math

Be a Learner Not an Expert (Ask Questions)

  • Ask your child to teach you something.
  • Ask your child to explain his/her thinking to you.
  • Show that Math Matters
  • Provide opportunities for your child to explore and practice math
  • Look for connections to mathematics in your day-to-day environment
  • Reward perseverance; solutions can be reached in more than one way
  • Application (How does this apply to the real world?)
  • Whenever possible, connect math to everyday life (doubling recipes, converting measures, figuring out travel distances, estimating grocery, shopping,  building around the home, figuring out amounts of paint and cost, managing money and determining interest rates)